Mud Cloth, Bogolan Fabric, Warm Brown with Tribal Print

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African mud cloth dyed a beautiful shade of warm brown.  Tribal pattern textile. Use as a throw, floor cloth, or upholstery project for a global style statement. 

***Pre washed mud cloth textile is fully clean and ready to use.
Heavy strips of hand-joined cotton, from Mali Africa. This piece has been crafted using a hand-applied resist technique to create authentic tribal patterns. 
This is a newer piece so there is no wear and tear. Excellent condition. Ends are raw edges.

As with all hand crafted pieces, this may have several imperfections such as cotton slubs, reconnected strips of cloth, fraying at the ends, and other signs evident with small-batch creations. 

100% cotton
52 inches long X 39 inches wide
item #0318.19Pp
weight: approx. 2.2 lbs.

***Additional patterns will become available soon. Message me for more info.

ships from my studio in Long Beach, California

This item is not returnable. Please ask questions prior to purchase.