Mud Cloth, Bogolan, Collectible Vintage African textile,

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Mud cloth; collectible vintage textile with authentic tribal patterns in a peanut-like color. These relaxing colors are created by hand with fermented mud dye. This is also called Bogolan. This is a highly collectible piece in good vintage condition but for the one faded area where the fermented mud print was washed away. There is still plenty of beautiful fabric to make pillows or frame as wall art.

You could make this into pillows, but I would hang it for display or use it as a throw over a chair, bed, or sofa back.

This has a casual and sophisticated faded quality that works as a neutral. Hand crafted vintage textile comes from Mali, Africa. This authentic piece is in very good condition with no staining. Hand sewn stitches hold strip lengths together.

I have laundered this item so it's very clean and ready for use. 
Measures 50 inches long x 44 inches wide
Item #0318.07Hh.Collectible
100% cotton, Dry clean or washable with care: gentle cycle, gentle soap, no hot water!

As with many vintage pieces, this item has some signs of wear, minimal fraying at the edges. These traits add to the beauty and unique quality of this fabric.

Please message me with any questions as this vintage item is not returnable.

Ships from my studio in Long Beach, CA., USA