Kuba Cloth, Raffia Textile, Soft Gray/Black with light gray and rusty color Appliqués, Raffia

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African Kuba Cloth with hand stitched raffia appliqués in simple geometric patterns. All hand made and one-of-a-kind. This is quite a unique Kuba Cloth.
The color was difficult to represent in photographs. It is more gray, like the close-up photos.

Can easily be cut into several wall hangings, loads of pillow covers, or made into a statement piece table runner.

See my blog posts at http://www.morrisseyfabric.com for more about African Kuba cloth.

Dimensions: 109 inches long x 20 inches wide (9 feet / almost 3 meters)
Item #0318.18LrgKubaH

*shipping may calculate pricey due to weight for this size, but I will refund any overages if due.

The color ranges from warm rustic pink, chocolate brown, dark brown, rust, and natural raffia color.

I want all my customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases so please message me with any questions as this vintage item is not returnable.