Kuba Cloth, Kasai Velvet Woven Raffia, Vintage African Tribal Textile, Wall Decor

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African Kuba Cloth: One of a kind vintage textile full of texture, natural color, and abstracted geometric design. Beautiful vintage textile.

Dimensions: 18 inches long x 21.5 inches wide

These versatile pieces are also used for pillow covers and upholstery.  They are very durable.
Great for Global style or Jungalowstyle or any modern setting. Kuba Textiles come from the Congo. Kuba cloth panels are handwoven using the leaves of the Raffia Palm tree. 

The Kuba Shoowa panels are embroidered in various designs in some areas while thick pile that resembles velvet is sewn into cloth and trimmed by snipping fibers; nick named Kasai Velvet. Kuba cloths are highly collectible and come in endless one of a kind patterns.

***This work of African textile art is in good vintage condition. 

Item #0218.26Qsm.Kuba
Black and natural raffia color. Stunning geometric pattern

Please message me with any questions as my vintage items are not returnable.