Guatemalan Fabric, Red with Bird embroidery, Hand Loomed Guatemala, multi color motifs

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Guatemalan Embroidered Fabric: When I saw this textile I knew it was perfect for someone who loves colorful and refined hand crafted pieces.  It's extremely sophisticated while maintaining it's artisanal quality.   
*This textile has been ethically sourced and approved for export by the Guatemalan Ministry of Culture.

Red with a rainbow of colors hand loomed on top: Orange, yellow, turquoise, blue, and green.  The stunning multi color embroidery accents run across the cloth. 

This is a wonderful size for use as a small table runner.  This vintage fabric could be cut into incredible one-of-a-kind pillows or use as a wall hanging. 

This fabric with substantial designs has a polished look while remaining a bit casual.  This hand loomed textile was created in Guatemala. 

This hand crafted cloth is 56 inches long x 14 wide.  

Beautiful hand crafted fringe at length ends. 
100% back strap loomed cotton textile
Dry clean recommended to preserve the color and decorative stitching.

I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so please message me with any questions.