Grain Sack, French vintage fabric, Natural Linen Textile, Red Stripe

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Farmhouse Style! Cottage Living! French Antique grain sack fabric, a gorgeous vintage discovery that's simply beautiful. 

This is a highly textural grain sack. There is one woven red stripe on one side of this cloth. Yarn-dyed and woven through the fabric, not printed on top so both you could use either the inside of outside of the bag.

Due to the handmade nature of these linens (homespun natural hemp fibers and handwoven on a wooden loom), there are some minor imperfections in the weave of the fabric. These are considered part of their charm.

Approx. 42.5 long x 17 inches wide (Both sides of this bag are these dimensions) Total of 85 inch length of cloth if opened.
Natural Cotton & Hemp
Hand crafted Grain Sack
Item #0318.03Aa.Grainsack

HISTORY OF THE EUROPEAN GRAIN SACKS: Grain sacks were originally produced about 100 years ago on European farms, to bring grain to the mill. Each sack was hand woven from hemp with a distinctive pattern of strips showing which farm it belonged to, sometimes with a hand stitched monogram. Each unique family farm marking allowed the farmers to identify their own sacks when transporting sugar, flour and grain to market. When the grain came back from the mill, the unique markings ensured the sacks were returned to their rightful owner.

These textiles are, by nature, extremely Eco-friendly. The average age of these textiles is 100 years and they were naturally home grown, home retted (in local lakes and ponds) and woven by hand. These textiles are being re-cycled today showcasing the lovely craftsmanship of past generations! Yet another feature that makes these textiles extremely eco-friendly is their durability. These textiles were designed to endure generations of constant use and will have an extremely long life. The timeless beauty of this linen and their extraordinary quality make these textiles the perfect choice for any home and an environmentally friendly choice.

Grain sack adds a bit of history and authentic vintage charm to whatever it touches!

Ships from my studio in Long Beach, California.