Vintage Chinese Ikat Textile, Rare vintage Asian textile

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Vintage Chinese blanket textile in a hard to find ikat design. Beautifully faded shades of pink, black, indigo blue and golden/sand are woven throughout this collectible textile. This listing is for a 35 inch long x 25 inch wide textile made from two narrower panels. I did not include the blue cotton border in the measurement.

This large diamond pattern is sometimes called a batik, but it's a woven ikat.  They are rather high in price so I rarely carry them in my Etsy shop. Please message me if you need additional textiles such as this but please note the price point. A good condition two-panel textile will cost a minimum of $450.

Hand crafted with distressed perfection. Use for designer pillow covers, a table top, or beautiful enough to frame.
This vintage Chinese minority Hill tribe cloth is in good condition but should be backed if used for pillows.

Future care: should be dry cleaned to prevent color loss or damage to the textile.
Content: Linen and silk

This vintage item is not returnable, so please message me if you have any questions or concerns.