African Baule Cloth For a Vintage Global Home Decor Style

African textiles continue to trend in home decor due to the hand made, one of a kind character each piece of fabric embodies.  African Baule cloth came to my attention when I was out looking for vintage African indigo and mud cloth.  Baule cloth is different than mud cloth although it's often referred to as such. African Baule cloth is woven in narrow strips like mud cloth, but that's where the similarities end.

African Baule cloth is made by artisans indigenous to the Ivory Coast of Africa.  These Baule cloth textiles are ikat fabrics that are finished with a beautiful fringe detail. The fringe gives the African textile a decorative edge to complete the fabric rather than a hemmed edge.


African Baule cloth can be used to make decorative pillow covers. The pillow above was one of my favorites because it incorporated ikat patterns, solid indigo blue, and a light blue edge on each strip. The weaver also put a subtle color detail to give the African textile just the right amount of zing.

The indigo bale cloth pouch above was made my Moosewears. They used pieces of vintage bale cloth to create one of a kind doggie bags that can attach to a leash. This is a clever repurposing of an African textile if ever there was one. 

I have posted this photo in a previous post, but it is such a great example of using vintage African Baule cloth for apparel I had to share it again.  The baule cloth looks great on Ms. McGraw. The orange, peach, and blue Baule cloth used as a throw is an excellent example of how these versatile textiles add character and soften the antique bench.

You will find a large assortment of vintage African Baule cloth in the Morrissey Fabric on line shop. They are also available on Etsy at

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