I have been so busy in the studio filling fabric orders, that I've had very little time to make some of my own creations! With the demand for authentic mud cloth (this one from Mali, west Africa) I have been scouring the Los Angeles and Orange County, California regions for all of the best mud cloths I can find.
Even though I use extreme care in selecting vintage textile pieces that are in tip-top condition, occasionally one of the mud cloths doesn't survive the hand washing and line-drying process. It becomes too frayed, too damaged, for me to sell through my on-line store or Esty shop.
The gorgeous mud cloth pillow pictured above is hand crafted from such a textile as I described. Naturally I couldn't throw away a hand-woven cotton indigo piece no matter how unlikely it was to ever be used again. I was able to repurpose the damaged mud cloth by piecing together the nicer sections into what you see above. I couldn't bear to toss out the hand twisted fringe, so I incorporated it into the pillow design. I think it fits perfectly into a casual beach setting as well as an ultra-contemporary space in need of an organic touch or pop of soft color.
This item is available through my Esty Shop at
Happy Sewing!