African Mud Cloth Continues to Trend in Home Deoor

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If you have not heard of African Mud Cloth, it's likely because your are not familiar with the name of this popular textile when you see it. African mud cloth has been a trend in home decor for several seasons. Mud cloth textiles gained in popularity when the Bohemian trend began to take shape. Easily spotted thanks to the bold and primitive patterns, African mud cloth, also known as Bogolan, captured the imagination of interior designers and stylists looking for rustic texture and unique global patterns.


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If you are not exactly sure what mud cloth is, put simply, African mud cloth is a strip cloth that is made into wide pieces of fabric by joining together several narrower strips of cloth. If you look closely at the photo above, you will see small seams in the mud cloth, each spaced four to five inches apart. These seams are a way of making wide textiles without the need of wide looms to create the fabric.  I personally sort through hundreds of pieces to find the best of these hand made African textiles to offer my customers.


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So what exactly can you design or make with mud cloth? Well, first I need to state another particular feature of mud cloth textiles. Not only are they made from narrow pieces of fabric, mud cloth is not cut in long pieces either. A standard piece of African mud cloth measures forty inches wide by sixty inches long. That's about the size of a beach towel.  This will limit some applications for bogolan textiles. As seen in the photo above, pillow covers are a wonderful way to use mud cloth. The cloth is woven from 100% cotton, so it's typically soft, kid and pet friendly, and certainly durable. 

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I am often asked if mud cloth can be used for an upholstery project.  The answer is yes. But care needs to be take when upholstering with authentic mud cloth due to the narrow strips. These seams can split if used on a piece of furniture set in an active space. The thick textile is hearty, so if a backing is used or the mud cloth is stitched to a piece of muslin to reinforce the seams, there shouldn't be any problem in using it for upholstery.  

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Most often I have seen authentic African mud cloth used for pillows. The texture and character mud cloth pillows add to a room is the reason this global style fabric continues to be in demand. If the natural and earth tone color mud cloth fabric is not your style, I will show examples of colorful African mud cloth textiles in an upcoming blog post.

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